Historical battle works

“Most of all, I feel delight from painting when history and a sense of time come to life in it … the battle genre in Belarus is gaining momentum and in this beginning I am the first to admit!”

Vladimir Saiko

"Siberian arrows" oil on canvas. 180 Х 310 cm 2014-2016
"The result of the campaign of the great army of Bonaparte in Russia. Crossing the remnants of the army through the Berezina " canvas, oil. 170 X 280 cm. 2019.
"Defense of the tet de Pont Dinaburg" oil on canvas 70 X 100 cm 2019-2020
"Protection of the destroyed caponier of the Brest fortress. Noon, June 22, 1941."oil on canvas. 220 X 350 cm. 2019.
"Berezinsky Atlanteans" oil on canvas. 180 X 110 cm. 2013.
"The last hour of the Osowiec fortress", oil on canvas. 190 X 120 cm. 2015.
"Werewolf-Prince" cardboard, oil. 60 X 90 cm. 2017 year.
"Attack of the dead" oil on canvas. 100 X 200 cm. 2015.

The first oil painting “Will to Victory”
oil on canvas, 60 × 40 cm.
The author was 16 years old and he had never studied as an artist …

Etudes from nature at military-historical reconstructions.
Gathering material for large historical battle paintings.

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