"Put" the hand of novice artists

“I always respect the beginning of my career and I will do my best to develop my student’s abilities to the level of my colleague!”

Vladimir Saiko

Nowadays, few young people, having received an art and pedagogical education, devote themselves entirely to the education of creatively directed children and youth, help in the difficult search of their creative “I” to everyone who came to learn from them, contributing to the early formation in the chosen business and the ability to communicate independently with your viewer.

In 2014, on the basis of the BELPI enterprise, in the Smolevichi district, the young Belarusian painter and teacher Vladimir Grigorievich Sayko founded the Art Workshop of Painting, Drawing and Composition, where field classes are held for anyone who wants to become a real artist.

The location of the studio was not chosen by chance: the diversity of Minsk suburban species stimulates the pupils to have a zeal for really beautiful and not hidden under the thickness of shapeless fuse, for the natural colors of vibrant Belarusian nature.

Classes are not limited to the walls of one workshop. This, first of all, concerns pupils of senior groups. Vladimir Saiko and his students can be seen performing creative tasks both in the Minsk metro and in the parks of the capital, as well as in urban landscapes! Even at any permissible time of day and weather conditions, it is possible to teach how to deal with it correctly and create something artistic, in support of this numerous studies made by students masterfully even in rainy, cloudy, frosty, windy weather, and also in the dark using city ​​evening lighting. The ability to create a work in spite of everything is the highest skill!

But the main thing for students will always be the transfer of warm sunlight and the triumph of the ability to be able to display it!

The interiors of the workshop, created in ethno-style, fascinate and make the process of classes connected with traditional folk culture.

The workshop of Vladimir Saiko has become for many a place where art is comprehended not for creating a beautiful picture, but for breathing and life in a large independent work.

The author’s methodology for identifying individual abilities of everyone who comes to study painting, drawing and composition, and precise, in other words, jewelry processing in the process of waiting for the manifestation of the first professional manifestations, allows you to teach anyone who comes to the studio to draw. Thus, it turns out to grow a grain of talent on the basis of sincere joy and happiness from attending classes. This eliminates the “school desk” barrier between teacher and student. The range of ages involved is practically unlimited. For a short period of time attending classes, many write successfully from nature even night views filled with illuminations of Minsk! At the moment, in the studio, the youngest student is not even 7, the oldest a little more than 35 and there is still no limit to this …

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