Volozhin City Gallery of Vladimir Saiko

Press release for the exposition of paintings by Belarusian artist-painter Sayko Vladimir Grigoryevich

In the first words, I want to thank my dear Volozhinites, the leadership of the region for supporting young art and respect for its achievements through the opening of the personal gallery of the artist Vladimir Grigoryevich Saiko in the floodlit rooms of the second floor of the Volozhin district library!

Contemporary Belarusian youth art is now simply impossible to imagine without the figure of the battalist Saiko!

He is very energetic from the first years of his art education, selflessly hardworking and has the unbending character of a real painter, the son of the Volozhin land, a consistent and very successful teacher. His students are now continuing their education at the Academy of Arts throughout the CIS, the Baltic states, the Czech Republic, and Libya.

Saiko Vladimir is the author of the only grandiose canvas created in the modern history of Belarusian art about the Narachansky offensive operation of the First World War, which was presented at the National Historical Museum of the Republic of Belarus in March 2016 and revealed details of historical events near Lake Naroch and the city of Pastavy a hundred years ago .. Thank you to the artist for such an honor to the history of the Fatherland!

So it’s quite true that the artist’s work was included in the unique album “The Hand of the Wizard. Creativity of Artists of the Minsk Region” (publishing house “Zvyazda” Minsk 2016), which professionals in the art have long designated “the top 50 most famous artists of Belarus”. .. Where did the shaft-holder Saiko go!

However, this is far from the only publication where you can now see the work of Vladimir, thank God, such a young artist who serves our country creatively and inspirationally …

After completing over ten years of the strongest art education in the field of easel painting (College of Art named after I.O.Akhremchik, MDAM named after V.I.Surikov, BGAM), he chose to start his own path in Borisov, where he acquired a house when he studied in the fifth year of the Academy of Arts. At the moment, he already had a wife and son. In 2017, he became a teacher at the Staroborisovsky School of Arts. Fate poured Vladimir Saiko from a small homeland, but now we are witnessing his return …

The series of landscapes and portraits that the author offers for a constant review to his fellow countrymen and guests of the Valozhinshchina is unique! Here you can see the first educational composition, even then the boys from Volozhin, who entered the College of Arts named after I.V. almost without preparation Akhremchik, she impresses with the power of images, colors, clarity of thought, that already at the age of 15, an aspiring artist was singled out from the gray mass, which was mixed now, and Vladimir became a person in painting.

The portrait of the artist’s wife, where Volozhin is clearly visible in the background, like medieval Rome. Life and art, art from the word life and the non-profit, pure, emotional outlook on painting always distinguish Saiko’s art from the rest. He lives in his works, and they are like the fiery part of him, which he, like Prometheus shares, in order to treat the tired and thirsty for the truth, that they are looking for the saved in modern art …

A portrait of his father, a work that made the name of the artist as a portrait painter who sees deeper than the external, he paints his soul, psychology, mood and character … Vladimir Sayko created his father’s portrait when he was not 17 years old … The appearance of this portrait It was a sensation both among students and at Republican and International exhibitions, where this amazing and subtle mood was repeatedly exhibited.

The infinity and rare nationality of Saiko’s landscapes cannot but surprise the viewer; here we can only recall a comparison with V.K. Tsvirkai, the creators of the modern landscape school in Belarus. So, rightly, one can compare countless open-airs with students reminiscent of a whole open-air performance and mobility, and an expression of love to the depths of the soul that goes to the earth, to people, to the homeland …

It’s enough only that Vladimir Sayko has a car that he turned into an impromptu easel, which he uses in any weather, any time of the day, this is unbelievable, however, I am a professor at the Academy of Arts, I have repeatedly witnessed night sketches … And where did Vladimir take light, you ask, and I will answer: from automobile headlights and a masterpiece turned out!

You cannot find such a second artist now who is capable of this, only his students, who see in their leader a real father in art, an example and a landmark! They will move with him to Rakov at three in the morning in June, where traditionally for five years they have been writing the first rays of the sun, which soon rise from behind the walls of the church. They sit on a raft and write morning fog on the water, waves, drop drops on the paint, as well as numerous military reconstructions, where students write shoulder to shoulder with the master of the events of antiquity of our history and at the same time receive a spiritual patriotic education, which in our time, when the heads of youth full of gadgets, acquires national weight, as well as the activities of such patriotic artists as Vladimir Saiko, students of his Art Workshop of Painting, Drawing and Composition!

Candidate of Art History, Professor of the Belarusian State Academy of Arts

Shuneiko Eugene


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